About Us

The Exceed Platform is a marketplace that allows fans to invest in the Talent they love. 


Unlike royalty-sharing platforms, Exceed seeks to offer fans a broad range of investment opportunities from musical artists, influencers, creators, athletes and other talents who have impacted our lives. In addition, Exceed enables fans to benefit beyond royalty-related income and extend it to live performance, physical sales, merchandise, advertising & sponsorship, and a variety of other talent income sources.


Investing is just the beginning. The relationship between Talents and their fans is a powerful dynamic. Exceed’s in-app fan engagement tools allow fans to become part of the success of their idols not only through financial benefits but also special exclusive rewards and activities. 


Invest, be heard, influence, and share in the success.

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Meet The Team

Yori Nelken

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Chief Executive Officer

Over 25 years of leadership experience, bringing startup companies from concept to success.
As an early AI entrepreneur built some of the largest and most complex systems, with multiple exits. Founder & GP at Cognitiv Ventures.

Gil Bouhnick

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Head of Product

Product entrepreneur, 20+ years building successful & high-scale B2C mobile products.

Anthony Martini

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Exceed Talent Capital LLC

Over 20 years of music industry experience, well known as an innovator and disruptor. Managed and developed multi-platinum acts like Tyga, Killer Mike, Lil Dicky and IDK, broke TikTok’s biggest avatar influencer, had several successful exits, and as a CEO of Royalty Exchange, he pioneered the world's first music NFTs. 

Amit Krelman

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Chief Technology Officer

Blockchain leader. Expert in cryptographic, tokenization, trading platforms and high scale systems.

Phil Schajer

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Chief Financial Officer

Securitization expert, 15+ years regulatory and cross-border alternative asset experience with over $500m of transactions.

Eliyahu Haddad

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Strategy and Analysis

25+ years finance and technology experience. Morgan Stanley M&A  in media and tech - over $85B of deals executed with major studios, record labels, and cable giants. Comcast, Warner, Sony, and Universal.